Charity Wars

Calling all passionate kids

Game On!

We're excited to have the following charities competing:

The DOE FundJack & Luke

Athletes v Crohns (AvC) - Joshua

Al Otro LadoLucky

Coalition for the Homeless - Benjamin

UNICEF Neil and Sonia


How They Got Here:

Tired of selling lemonade on the street? Keep reading!!

If your child is passionate about a charity and wants to help raise awareness and money for a cause, Charity Wars at The Gaga Center is for you! 

The Gaga Center is empowering kids who are enthusiastic about a cause with an opportunity to support the charity of their choice.

To participate:

1. Have your child share with us the charity he/she would like to support by the December 31st deadline by filling out the application below.

2. The Gaga Center will then select up to five passionate kids (or groups of kids - feel free to sign up as a team!) from the applicants and facilitate a gaga fundraising event for each of the five winners. If your child’s application is selected, they will bring the kids, we will provide the gaga.

3. All teams will raise funds and awareness while also competing to win an additional $1000 for their cause donated by The Gaga Center!

We will accept applications through December 31st. Winners will be chosen after winter break, and fundraising events will be held in January, February and March 2020. Open to kids in grades K-8.

More about what happens if you get picked…

Kids, you don’t need any money to make this happen. All you need to do is get your friends to sign up! Each participant pays $38 to attend. You can have up to 50 people sign up. For each player, we give $10 to the charity that you are supporting. We will provide all the regular gaga fun — coaches, music and lots of gaga games.

Each event will be an hour and twenty minutes. You can put information about your cause on our TV screens, give out flyers to raise awareness, or sell food or raffle tickets to raise even more money. It’s all up to you and we will help you plan.

Game on!