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Lulu & Lattes recommends The Gaga Center for birthday parties, conference days and private pits!

Good Day Street Talk: The Gaga Center a Hit on Upper East Side

ABC News: Gaga game a hit in schoolyards, summercamps

Gaga Goes Mainstream as Israeli Dodgeball Game Becomes Fad

Gaga is the name of an addictive game that provides a great workout — and that’s spreading from Jewish summer camps and day schools to the rest of America.

Tots Going Gaga for The Gaga Center in NYC

New York Loves Kids is very excited about the new Tot Gaga which is being launched this month. This is for two-, three- and four-year-olds to have their fun in the pits with this brand-new class.

Cool Winter Classes Guide

New York Family's favorite classes for all ages and skill levels available this season includes Tot Gaga! With Tot Gaga, 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds finally get to enjoy The Gaga Center’s incredible space! This class teaches pre-gaga skills and introduces preschool concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, and opposites. Tots practice early athletic skills including hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, jumping, and stretching.

Manhattan's Toddlers Can Now Go Gaga for Gaga

The Gaga Center is adding fun for tots, launching the city’s first Tot Gaga program for 2- to 4-year-olds in January.

Three Surprising Sports Your Kids Are Not Too Young For...Where to Learn in NYC

Preschool-age kids are not too young for some sports! Tot Gaga begins in January 2013, offering two-, three- and four-year-old children a combination of movement, sports, music and learning.

Introducing Gaga for Tots

The UES spot is starting the fun even earlier, with a new class designed for ages 2-4 (2's must turn 3 by April 30th). For Tot Gaga, expect age-appropriate, high-energy activity—running, jumping, catching, throwing—along with educational components like sorting, counting, shapes, opposites, and patterns. During the inaugural winter session, Tot Gaga classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting January 29th.

Get Pumped!

The foodies have the New York City Wine & Food Festival, and fashionistas get to strut their stuff at Fashion’s Night Out. So recently, fitness fanatics at some of the city’s top workout studios wondered: Why not us? The Gaga Center's Sweaty Saturday event is named one of the best deals and steals to get you moving.

Get Nice ‘N Sweaty!

This Saturday, October 13, will be Sweaty Saturday where the City’s finest fitness studios, health brands and wellness experts will get you and your family movin’ and groovin’ through fitness. The Gaga Center is taking part in this HealthCorps benefit event, which promotes national wellness and childhood obesity, by offering its signature, one-hour Open Gaga session for free.

Get Sweaty and Go Gaga this Saturday in NYC

This Saturday, October 13, 2012 some of your favorite fitness studios, health brands and wellness experts are coming together for NYC's first ever day devoted entirely to fitness, health and wellness. They're calling it, appropriately enough, Sweaty Saturday.

Sweaty Saturday

This Sweaty Saturday is devoted to health and wellness with kid-specific programming all over the city. Activities include complimentary Open Gaga fitness sessions provided by The Gaga Center for children from pre-k to sixth grade, and more.

Dodgeball Your Little Monsters Will Go Ga Ga Over

Lady Ga-Ga is so last decade. The hottest Ga-Ga trend of 2012 is an Israeli version of dodgeball. Except that you play it in a pit.

New York Family Picks of the Week

New York Family debuts Parties of the Week column featuring The Gaga Center as the ultimate birthday party hot-spot.

NYC Fall 2012 Kids Classes Guide: Favorite Classes For Fall

New York Family rounds up the city's offerings with maximum fun at all ages and levels, and The Gaga Center is one of them!

Upper East Side with Kids: Top 50 Things to Do for NYC Families

Mommy Poppins says playing gaga at The Gaga Center is one of the top things to do with families on the Upper East Side!

Classes for Kids: NYC Parents Pick their Favorites

The city is chock-full of programs and classes for kids. NYC parents tell us which ones their children like best. One mom said gaga at The Gaga Center is a highlight of her son's week!

NYC Ultimate Guide to the Best Programs

In Time Out New York Kids' NYC Ultimate Guide to the Best Programs, The Gaga Center is named one of the best youth fitness programs in the city!

Move Over Dodge Ball; Jewish Camps Spawn a U.S. Playground Hit

Gaga is a game like dodge ball that is fast becoming an obsession at camps and schools nationwide.

The Gaga Center is a Birthday Party of the Week

Play Gaga at (where else?) The Gaga Center. Kids love Gaga, a fast-paced, high-energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Like dodge ball, you get someone out by hitting them with a ball. Unlike dodge ball, it’s not at all threatening: the goal of the game is to try to touch opponents with a soft foam ball below the knees.

Hexes to octagons: Gaga offers a way for gamers to stay fit with their families

Aside from the obvious fascination with polygons, the best aspects of Gaga as a way for gamers to exercise are 1) the simplicity, 2) the contained area, 3) game turnover is quick and 4) all ages can play. And The Gaga Center is great for hosting birthday parties and other groups.

Cuckoo for Gaga!

The days have passed when an unpopular fourth-grader would tremble for his life as he stood in a gym, facing an ambush of hard red rubber dodgeballs aimed directly at his face. These days, kids are turning to kinder, gentler fare with a game called gaga. In no way related to the pants-optional pop tart, gaga is a hybrid dodgeball/playground game that has kids of all sizes working up a sweat.

Gaga named top 5 birthday experiences in NYC

Gaga’s not just the name of an over-the-top singer; it’s also a game. Similar to dodgeball, the sport is played in an octagonal pit and involves trying to avoid getting hit by a soft foam ball.

Gaga Photos in NY Post

Forget Dodgeball. Gaga seems to be the rage of the grade school set, and I don't mean the singer Gaga. The two owners Marcy Singer and Alissa Schmelkin were awesome to work with and the shots of the kids were a lot of fun to do. I loved how serious they got about it.

Gaga Gets Its First New York City Home

So let me not mince words: Schmelkin and Singer have done a great job, and if the experience with my son's birthday party is any indication, I think The Gaga Center is likely to benefit from being a fresh and novel experience, and will become a popular fixture on the grand menu of kids classes and birthday parties that city families have available to them (just like it's become a big part of the summer camp experience).

The Gaga Center – The Upper East Side’s New Favorite Pastime

“It’s fast. It’s sweaty. And it’s really addictive.” It’s Gaga, and you and your kids will be thrilled that it’s found a home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Gaga is a fast paced, high-energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Played with a soft foam ball, this safe game is fun and easy – and not at all traumatic like some other games we know that involve dodging a ball ;-) All children, of all skill levels, get a serious workout while having some serious fun!

Going Gaga

If you missed Oprah’s special interview with Lady Gaga on Sunday, here’s the gist: Her family still lives on the UWS, her parents fully supported the meat dress and she encourages kids to be themselves.

The Gaga Center @ DailyCandy

A new uptown space dedicated to every kid’s all-time favorite camp game: Gaga. Play options include classes, tournaments, and birthday parties.

The Gaga Centers opens on the UES

We won't lie—upon hearing about the Gaga Center, a handful of us thought it had something to do with Lady Gaga. The rest of the staff, on the other hand, reminisced about playing the sport of gaga at summer camp as a kid.

Going GA-GA For Gaga

The Popular Kids Sport Gets Its First NYC Home. In my anecdotal experience, kids love Gaga--a sport that has the energy and survivor spirit of a dodge-ball game but is less threatening and more fun. What exactly is Gaga, what ages is it good for, and where can you find it?

Kids Agog for Gaga, Though For Once it's Not the Singer

With gaga all the rage for the summer camp set — the sport, not the pop sensation — two Upper East Side moms are opening the first and only space in Manhattan dedicated solely to the dodgeball-like game.

Is Your Tot Going Gaga for Ga-Ga?

Move over Lady Gaga, there's a new game in town that's changing the way kids say your name! In an age where bans on traditional recess games like tag and dodgeball are becoming more prevalent (seemingly due to the violent nature of the games), new sports are gaining a tot following, and they're gaining traction - fast!