About The Gaga Center

Welcome to The Gaga Center!

Two moms, four boys, and no place to play gaga: The Gaga Center is born.

As our kids and their obsession with Gaga grew, our living rooms became too small for playing this fantastic game. It didn't take long for us to realize that there was no place (and we're not exaggerating!) in Manhattan for our kids to play the beloved sport of gaga. It became our mission to find the perfect spot and we did!

The first of its kind and only place to play Gaga in Manhattan, The Gaga Center is located on street level on 93rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. With high ceilings, lots of sunshine, three permanent pits and a kicking sound system, the energy is boundless. We even have a separate mezzanine for all your happy celebrations. And the best part is, we'll take care of it all — from food to paper goods to party favors and everything in between.

We believe that gaga fans of all ages should have a place to burn energy in a productive, positive, relaxed environment. See you in a pit!

The Gaga Mamas,
Alissa Schmelkin & Marcy Singer


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