Birthday Parties

Celebrate with us

Throw your child a party they’ ll always remember! Our high-energy parties are 1.5 hours of pure gaga fun. They include music, pizza, juice, paper goods, and an amazing coaching staff! Let our event planners take care of it all!

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The Gaga Goodness Party

Our Gaga Goodness party is 90 minutes of pure fun. This party is for 18 children. Additional guests can be added for a fee. The party includes:

  • Gaga
  • Coaches
  • Pizza
  • Paper Goods
  • Music
  • Party Host

+Your own private 3, 000 sq. ft. of space!

The Gaga Gold Party

Want more? This party package adds the
following conveniences to the Gaga Goodness
base package:

  • Large Fruit Salad
  • Large Vegetable Crudite
  • Adult Beverages
  • Paper goods for Adults
Silent Disco Gaga

Add on Silent Disco


We’re being anything but quiet about our brand new party add on: SILENT DISCO GAGA!

This add on turns our regular gaga parties into the event of the weekend!
Not a minute less gaga, just a silent rave happening simultaneously! Here’s how we do it:

  • Wireless noise cancelling headphones
  • Kids can control their own music
  • Tune into one of three channels of sound
  • Pick up vibes from your friends jamming

Will it be Old Town Road, Senorita or will it be Material Girl? Dancing is definitely allowed, parents. ;)


Add on Gaga Glow

Gaga Glow parties are the next craze your kids will be buzzing about. The gaga stays the same. But with the glow add on, it's just that much more exciting! What kid doesn’t want to glow in the dark?! Everything glows — even the balls. The party upgrade includes:

  • Glowing Decorations
  • Disco Lighting
  • Black Lights
  • Glowing Accessories

Add on Gaga Fuel

Gaga Fuel is all the rage!
Here's how it works--each player wears one
of our super awesome electronic watchbands
that tracks fuel points. The more you move, the more points you get. Think green,blue, yellow,
and orange pinnies and with a little brainstorming,
team names are formed and the battle begins. Lots of cheering, lots of moving and lots of fun!

It's gaga plus electronics, and it doesn't even count towards 'screen' time--what can be better?!

Gaga Goodies

Once you've decided on which package you would like, we have lots of ways to customize your party. Our super special Gaga Goodies are:

  • Eye black
  • Face Painter
  • Balloon artist
  • Pizza for adults
  • Beverages and ice for adults
  • Disco ball and lights

Contact us to learn more about our awesome gaga goodies.

Gaga-themed Party Favors

Round out the birthday party by sending your kids home with these awesome Gaga Party Favors.

Gaga Center Gloves

Gaga Center Gloves

See You in a Pit Tee

See You in a Pit Tee

Gaga Sport Bag

Gaga Sport Bag

Gaga Water Bottle

Gaga Water Bottle

Gaga Cookie Favor

Gaga Cookie Favor


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